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The Changing Face of America: Dual Income Families

Published: 11/19/19

A fixture in today’s society. The concept of the “traditional” American family is continually changing. The dual-income family—with both spouses maintaining separate careers and contributing to the financial success of the household—has now become commonplace. The economic challenges and opportunities of this century may often require two incomes to meet overall family expenses. Many families […]

Is the Student Loan Crisis as bad as the Subprime Mortgage Crisis?

Published: 10/24/19

Can it be fixed? It wasn’t that long ago that the nation was shaken by the subprime mortgage crisis. Defaults on subprime mortgages caused a banking and consumer credit emergency that led to the deep U.S. recession from late 2007 through mid-2009. How does the student loan crisis compare to the subprime mortgage crisis? Will […]

Before You Refinance Student Loans, Read This

Published: 10/17/19

Student loan debt presents a serious financial burden to countless members of Gen X and Gen Y. We may be some of the most educated generations in history, but we’re still struggling to earn enough money to take care of rising living expenses while paying down a massive debt load. When you have student loans, […]

Busting Asset Value Illusions Before It’s Too Late

Published: 10/15/19

Know which assets will serve you best in your retirement future. When we talk about financial fitness, one of the most important measures is the value of our assets. The problem is that we often have false expectations about some asset types, and we need to break those illusions to focus on our real financial […]

Thinking About Inheritance and Weighing the Pros and Cons

Published: 09/18/19

Will you constrain your lifestyle to maximize your kids’ inheritance? Gloria Vanderbilt built an enviable career as an actress, fashion designer, and author and on top of her inherited money from her father, she created a fortune. She inherited a trust fund that was worth $5 million in 1925 and upon her passing in 2019, […]

How to Save for a Summer Vacation

Published: 05/1/19

Summer is fast approaching and with it the busy travel season.  Whether you’re planning a major trip overseas or a few days lounging at a nearby lake or oceanfront, you’re going to need some funds on tap to make your dream vacation a reality.  What can you do if the coins in your coffer simply […]

Increase Savings with an easy-to-use Budgeting Spreadsheet

Published: 04/17/19

We’ve been reading Savvy Ladies for a while now and we recently stumbled across their budgeting worksheet and thought it would be perfect for our readers to download as well. If you have any experience at all in Microsoft Excel, filling it out should be a breeze! Creating awareness on what you are spending and […]

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