First Rule of the Energy Bus and Creating Your Financial Vision

This article was published on: 07/24/18 2:31 AM

In our office we just finished reading The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.

It was enlightening, encouraging and a good reminder that the key to happiness and success starts with positive energy. It colors how we see things and approach life in general. The forward to the book gives the following overview…

“The Energy Bus, an international bestseller, takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals tens secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment – at work and at home”.

Step #1 of the Energy Bus Action Plan is:

Create Your Vision. We agree and as a Financial Planning firm, we say specifically – Create Your Financial Vision.

Planning is a dynamic process, however, it helps to organize the planning. We would like to initially address this Vision chronologically. Let’s start with your:


There are many bases to cover but the best place to start is:

  1. Open Checking and Savings Accounts
  2. As part of your savings, have an Emergency fund (3-6 months of living expenses).
  3. Develop a Budget and Follow it
  4. Enroll in your company’s 401k plan and contribute enough to qualify for your Employer’s full match
  5. Buy Renter’s Insurance

This would be a good place to share a true story with you that will put a spotlight on the value of Renter’s Insurance.

A True Story

My daughters are college age – just finished, halfway through and approaching. Many of my friends are in this same stage with their children. Friends who have a child that graduated a few years ago from a large University know the value of Renter’s Insurance. It is a story I will never forget and one that always reminds me to remind friends, family, and clients to purchase renter’s insurance. Their daughter was in a hurry to get to class and was leaving the apartment she was living in at the time. She noticed some water on the floor and threw a towel on it on the way out the door to dry it up.

A few days later her father got a call. The bookstore had been closed due to a leak and it was coming from their daughter’s apartment. He said that was impossible because he had not heard a word about it. If that was the case, his daughter was not aware of it and they were not responsible. The father was quickly told someone in the apartment was aware of it because a towel had been thrown down around the leak. As it turns out, the hot water heater was leaking from the closet, but the daughter had only seen the water outside the door and had put the towel down to dry it up. You guessed it. It was part of a bigger leak that had down damage to the bookstore below and guess what saved the parents a very large unexpected expense………you got it – RENTER’S INSURANCE!! Yes – proper planning is important.

The energy bus financial vision
As Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus quotes his high school football coach “We don’t talk this game, we play it”. The same is true in creating and utilizing a dynamic financial plan. The steps are important, but you must DO IT to be successful. This goes hand in hand with the Rule #1 on The Energy Bus – You’re the Driver of Your Bus. Take the wheel and get it done!!

Financial Planning for lifes milestones

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